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Lactart was originally created by the Avery Chemical Company as a healthy, natural acid for flavouring beverages since it was made from lactic acid, the acid most commonly found in yogurt and butter milk but also in Lambic beers.

Lactart has a pleasant sourness that is uniquely different than lemon and lime juice. It is often described as less sharp and dry compared to citric acid.

Even though lactic acid is naturally found in dairy products, Lactart does not taste like milk or dairy products. But it does work exceptionally well in dairy based drinks.

Lactic acid is used in the food industry as a flavour enhancer in savory foods. It also has beneficial preservative qualities that improves food safety. Pringles chips use lactic acid as a flavour enhancer and it was commonly used during prohibition in low alcohol beers to improve flavour and reduce the yeastiness common in those products.

Lactart can be used in any application where a sour or acidic flavour is required, and can be used as a unique replacement for lemon and lime juice.

An 250ml (8 oz) bottle is sufficient for 50 plus drinks.

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