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Fix the Pumps looks at the history of early soda fountains and expands on the techniques and recipes used by pharmacists and soda jerks to create these bubbling concoctions.

The book contains over 450 pre-prohibition soda recipes, many containing forgotten ingredients like Acid Phosphate, Lactart and aromatic elixir which were easily as creative and interesting as anything bartenders were making.

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There is also a chapter dedicated to carbonated water and the methods employed by early fountain operators. This information is invaluable for anyone looking at doing an in-house seltzer program.

Finally, the book deals with some historical inaccuracies including the “Italian soda”. The soda fountain was clearly an American creation, like the cocktail, but for some reason, Americans have allowed the soda name to be usurped by a well-known syrup company, who proudly proclaim the combination of soda water and flavour syrup as an Italian creation.

This book provides a wealth of information on techniques employed by soda jerks. The recipes span the spectrum of simple flavours, like lemon and strawberry, to the complex with ingredients like aromatic elixirs and gentian syrups. The creativity of soda fountains was easily on par with the saloon. This information is valuable to anyone who likes to make drinks and especially valuable to bartenders who want to make the profession all-encompassing.

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